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Don Voisine
April 30 - June 6, 2009

Don Voisine's paintings are notable for their nuance and sophistication, as well as their quiet drama. His geometric oil on wood paintings can be described as straightforward and reductive: rectangular bands of black dominate the center, overlapping lighter fields of beige or white. The hard-edged forms are bordered by bright bands of contrasting color of varying width. In some instances the paintings are bisected to produce two fields of form and color that play against one another.
Using a strict geometric language, limited palette and consistent compositional format, the artist achieves a remarkable diversity within a narrow framework. For example, the central black areas in the paintings, rather than appearing monolithic, have a subtle yet rich variety of tones, weight, and illusion of depth or flatness, all achieved by employing directional brushwork and variations in surface finish. Voisine's edges are taut and sharp, and there is an inner tensile strength expressed in the forms. Even in the emphatic diagonal movement in his Xs, there is a feeling of containment within the picture frame, and an implication of spatial depth. The scale of the works ranges widely, from small twelve-inch squares to long five-foot horizontals. The surprisingly bright color bands provide a rich contrast to the somber predominant blacks, and add weight and movement to the paintings. The playful colors can be inspired by a locale or an event, such as the yellow and green tones of Michelle Obama's outfit worn on inauguration day.
  Don Voisine, Thru and Thru
Thru and Thru, 2009
Oil on wood
32 x 60 inches
Don Voisine, High Time
High Time, 2008
Oil on wood
44 x 44 inches
Don Voisine, Veer
Veer, 2008
Oil on wood
32 x 60 inches
  Don Voisine, Inauguration
Inauguration, 2009
Oil on wood
60 x 60 inches
Don Voisine, Connection
Connection, 2007
Oil on wood
17 x 26 inches
Don Voisine, Parisian Heiress
Parisian Heiress, 2008
Oil on wood
32 x 32 inches
  Don Voisine, Wheel
Wheel, 2008
Oil on wood
25 x 20 inches
Don Voisine, >Weave
Weave, 2009
Oil on wood
16 x 26 inches
Don Voisine, Sidekick
Sidekick, 2008
Oil on wood
36 x 18 inches
  Don Voisine, Radiant Rhythm
Radiant Rhythm, 2009
Oil on wood
24 x 24 inches
Don Voisine, Little Epiphany
Little Epiphany, 2008
Oil on wood
16 x 16 inches
Don Voisine, Buzz
Buzz, 2009
Oil on wood
17 x 17 inches
  Don Voisine, Double Step
Double Step, 2001
Oil on wood
19 3/4 x 19 3/4 inches
Don Voisine, Ding
Ding, 2008
Oil on wood
24 x 18 inches
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55 Orchard Street, New York, New York 10002 212 989 5467 fax 212 989 5642