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Gallery News 2012-13

Don Voisine
Maine Home + Design Magazine, “Joining Forces,” December, 2013, by Britta Konnau:

Don Voisine, Dub Stride

David Mann
House Beautiful, “The Power of Glamour,” December 2013/January, 2014, by Barbara King: House Beautiful, Jamie Drake interview


David Mann, Between II

Laura Sharp Wilson
New American Paintings, Volume 108, October, 2013


Laura Sharp Wilson, Hiroshima My Love (Frelin)

David Mann
October 18 – November 17, 2013
ArtFile Magazine, "Expanding Abstraction: David Mann in Conversation with Alicia DeBrincat,” December, 2013 by Alicia DeBrincat:
The Male Harem, "The Sultanette and the City,” November 14, 2013 by Patty Otis Abel:


David Mann, Network

Don Voisine
Correspondences: Ad Reinhardt at 100
TEMP Art Space, New York
November 9 – December 14, 2013

Don Voisine, Double Elvis

Julie Allen
A Space for Dialogue: Fresh Perspectives
on the Permanent Collection from Dartmouth's Students

Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth, NH
October 26 – December 20, 2013


Don Voisine
Come Together: Surviving Sandy, Year 1
Industry City, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York
October 20 – December 15, 2013

Come Together: Surviving Sandy (website), "Projector,” November 2014 by Hovey Brock:

Don Voisine, Projector

Jason Karolak
Meta Vista
16 Wilson Avenue, Bushwick, New York
October 18 – November 9, 2013
The New Criterion, "Gallery Chronicle,” November 2013 by James Panero:


jason Karolak, Untitled (P-1317)

Reed Danziger
September 8 – October 13, 2013

Haber Arts, "Shooting for Fireworks,” October 11, 2013 by John Haber:

Art Stomp, "Reed Danziger at McKenzie Fine Art,” October 10, 2013 by David Gibson:

Modern New York, "Reed Danziger,” October 4, 2013 by Dar Dowling:


Reed Danziger, Black Ice

Ursula Morley Price

Interior Design, "His Life's Work: Estate of Jack Lenor Larsen,” August, 2013 by Craig Kellogg :


Ursula Morley Price, Brown Crackle Flange Tower

Jason Karolak
Future Folk: Part I
Brooklyn Fire Proof, NY
July 26 – 28, 2013

Jason Karolak, Untitled (P-0905)

June 21 – August 17, 2013

Hyperallergic, "The Pursuit of Art, 2013,” December 28, 2013 by Thomas Micchelli:
Hyperallergic, "Spinning a Web: When Art Addresses the Infinite,” July 13, 2013 by Thomas Micchelli:


David Mann, Barcelona

Don Voisine
Parallel Art Space, Ridgewood, NY
July 14 – August 18, 2013

Don Voisine, Sterling Marlin R-10

Jean Lowe
The Book Shop: Books as Artworks, Artworks as Books
Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
July 13 – August 10, 2013
The Los Angles Times, "'The Book Shop' wryly offers tomes as art at Rosamund Felsen,” July 24, 2013 by Sharon Mizota:



Jean Lowe, Get Thee Behind Me, Satan

Don Voisine
Dynamic Invention: American Abstract Artists at 75
Brattleboro Museum of Art, VT
June 29 – October 20, 2013
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
New York Public Library, NY
Phillips Collection, Washington, DC
Special Collection of the Library of the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Art in Embassies Program, United States Department of State, Washington, DC

Don Voisine, Over Under

Don Voisine
20th Anniversary
Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
June 29 – August 31, 2013

Don Voisine, Knickerbocker Run

Don Voisine
Criss Cross Straight Across
Two-person exhibition with Gilbert Hsiao
dr. julius|ap galerie, Berlin, Germany
June 27 – August 17, 2013

Don Voisine, Untitled, 2013

Ursula Morley Price
Retrospective Exhibition
Musée d’Art Moderne de Troyes, France
June 22 – October 27, 2013

Ursula Morley Price, Brown Fountain Form

Don Voisine
May 3 - June 9, 2013


Il Giornale dell’Arte, “Torna il nero su nero, Don Voisine rigenera la pittura uccisa dai travet,” September, 2013 by Lucio Pozzi.

Artnews, “Don Voisine,” September, 2013 by Doug McClemont.

The Huffington Post, “Haiku Reviews - #37,” July 9, 2013 by Peter Frank:

The L Magazine, “Art Picks From Print: Don Voisine,” June 6, 2013 by Paul D'Agostino:


The Brooklyn Rail, “Don Voisine,” June 3, 2013 by Pac Pobric:

The New Criterion, “Gallery Chronicle,” May 30, 2013 by James Panero:

NY Arts, “Don Voisine at McKenzie Fine Art,” May 29, 2013 by Lyndsay Dye:

Video survey, “Don Voisine Recent Paintings at McKenzie Fine Art,” May 29, 2013 by James Kalm:

The Wall Street Journal, “Don Voisine,” May 25, 2013 by Peter Plagens.

The New York Times, “Don Voisine,” May 24, 2013 by Roberta Smith:


Hyperallergic, “Geometry Under Pressure: Don Voisine's Paintings,” May 19, 2013 by John Yau:


HaberArts, “Abstraction's Toolbar,” May 17, 2013 by John Haber:

The New York Sun, “Abstraction in Bloom,” May 8, 2013 by Xico Greenwald:

Don Voisine, Step To

David Mann
New Paintings
Nina Freudenheim Gallery, Buffalo, NY
April 27 – June 5, 2013

Buffalo Spree, “Big Bang Effects,” May, 2013, by Elizabeth Licata.

David Mann, Colony

Don Voisine
Hotel de Sauroy, Paris
April 12 – 27, 2013

Two Coats of Paint, “Paris: a multiplicity of simple interactions,” April 14, 2013, by Sharon Butler:

Don Voisine, Uplift

Lori Ellison
Banned in D.C.
Ventana 244 Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
April 12 – May 26, 2013

Lori Ellison, Untitled, LE10162

Lori Ellison
Philip Slein Gallery, St. Louis, MO
March 12 – April 27, 2013

lori Ellsion, Untitled, LE10145

Laura Watt
The New Picture Plane
Lesley Heller Workspace, New York, NY
March 10 – April 14, 2013


Laura Watt, Untitled, LW10028

Jason Karolak
Joanne Mattera Art Blog, “Two Solos on the Lower East Side: Jason Karolak at McKenzie Fine Art, Sarah Walker at Artifact,” March 8, 2013:

Jason KArolak, installation 2013

Jason Karolak
Two Coats of Paint, "Painting of the Day: Jason Karolak," February 25, 2013 by Sharon Butler:

Jason Karolak, Untitled (P-1004)

Jim Dingilian
Transparencies: Contemporary Art and a History of Glass
Des Moines Art Center, Iowa
February 22 – May 22, 2013


Des Moines Register, “Eye Candy: Art Center Showcases Glass Art from around the World,” February 17, 2013 by Michael Morain:

Jim Dingilian, Pine Alley

Don Voisine
Point of Interest
Galerie Lindner, Vienna, Austria
February 21 – March 29, 2013

Don Voisine, Slitch

Lori Ellison
Williamsburg Greenpoint News + Arts, "Contemporary Brooklyn Art Has No Institution It Can Call Home ," February 8, 2013 by Sarah Schmerler:

Williamsburg Greenpoint News + Arts, "One Critic’s Virtual Exhibition of Hot Women Artists: Hello, Brooklyn Museum…anyone home?," February 8, 2013 by Sarah Schmerler:

Lori Ellison, Untitled, LE10147

Jason Karolak
Thoughts That Cure Radically Blog, "Jason Karolak at McKenzie Fine Art," February 10, 2013 by Caleb De Jong:

Jason Karolak, Untitled (P-1205)

Lori Ellison
Slow Dance with the Concept of Infinity
Adam Lister Gallery, Fairfax, VA
February 8 – March 2, 2013

Lori Ellison, Lister

Daniel Hill
Interior Design, “Editor’s Picks: Inspiring Interiors, Architecture and Art from 2012,” January, 2013:

Daniel Hill, Untitled 37

Don Voisine
The Annual: 2013
National Academy Museum, New York, NY
January 31 – May 5, 2013

Don Voisine, Rotary

Lori Ellison
Aric Obrosey
Don Voisine
Approaching Infinity: The Richard N. Green Collection of Contemporary Abstraction
Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA
January 26 – May 5, 2013

Aric Obrosey, Untitled (LP Network)

Don Voisine
Left Bank Art Blog, “Elusive Geometries: Don Voisine and Ken Greenleaf,” January 25, 2013 by Carl Belz:

Don Voisine, Carré

Julie Allen
Art in America (online),“The Lookout: A Weekly Guide to Shows You Won’t Want to Miss,” January 10, 2013:

Julie Allen, catalogue no. 2.14.11

Lori Ellison
Lori Ellison and Elsie Kagan (two-person exhibition)
Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
December 15, 2012 – January 5, 2013

Lori Ellison, Untitled, LE10079

Jim Dingilian
Modern Times (group exhibition)
Lesley Heller Workspace, New York, NY
December 12, 2012 - January 20, 2013

Jim Dingilian, Self-made Outpost

Don Voisine
30/30 Image Archive Project (IAP) A Collective Collection (group exhibition)
Moins Un, Paris
opens December 7, 2012


Don Voisine, Hold Steady

Don Voisine
Don Voisine is included in this survey of recent painting written by Richard Kalina, “The Four Corners of Painting,” in the December, 2012, issue of The Brooklyn Rail:

Don Voisine, Dip

Jim Dingilian
Poetic Visions (group exhibition)
Safety-Kleen Gallery One, Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL
November 13 - December 16, 2012


Jim Dingilian, Waterway Misdirection  (The Sky and the Quiet and Everything, Just Everything)

Laura Sharp Wilson
Loaded (two-person exhibition with Mary O'Malley)
Sam Lee Gallery, Los Angeles
October 13 - November 21, 2012
Reviews:, October 30, 2012 by Edward Goldman:


Los Angeles Times, October 25, 2012 by David Pagel:,0,6753514.story

Laura Sharp Wilson, Battle

David Mann
Emergence and Structure
(group exhibition, travelling)
University Gallery of the University of Florida, Gainesville
October 11 - November 16, 2012
The exhibtion also includes the work of Daniel Hill and Angie Drakopoulos, and was co-curated by Daniel Hill and Ron Janowich.

David Mann, Labyrinth I

Don Voisine
Dripping Color Amazement (group exhibition)
Galerie Oqbo, Berlin
October 5 - November 3, 2012

Don Voisine, Oh Me Oh My

Laura Sharp Wilson
Friesen Abmeyer Gallery, Seattle
October 2 - November 4, 2012

Laura Sharp Wilson, Canyon

Lori Ellison
Falling Through Space Drawn by the Line
(group exhibition)
UB Art Gallery at SUNY Buffalo
September 20 - December 8, 2012

Chris Gallagher
Galerie Gris, Hudson, NY
September 15 - October 22, 2012
axesmundi blog, September 17, 2012 by Elizabeth Davis:

Chris Gallagher, Tondo 4-10

Jim Dingilian
Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago
September 7 - October 20, 2012
TimeOut Chicago, September 18, 2012 by Frank Mercurio:

Jim Dingilian, Shade Tree and Piggyback

Don Voisine
Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco
September 6 - October 27, 2012

Reviews:, January 6, 2013, by David M. Roth:

Art Ltd. November, 2012 by Dewitt Cheng:


San Francisco Art Enthusiast, October 7, 2012:

Visual Art Source weekly newsletter,October 5, 2012 by Cherie Louise Turner:, September 30, 2012 by David M. Roth:

San Francisco Arts Quarterly online edition, September 18, 2012 by Chris Rusak:

Made in, September 14, 2012:


Don Voisine, Red Cog

James Kalm/Loren Munk covered the September 5th Lower East Side openings; the opening of Line and Plane, the inaugural exhibition in our new space, is about 8 minutes into the video.

The New Criterion, October 2012 by James Panero:, October 12, 2012 by John Haber:

Halsey Hathaway, Untitled

Aric Obrosey
Textility (group exhibition)
Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit
January 13 - April 1, 2012
Co-curated by Mary Birmingham and Joanne Mattera
Surface Design Journal, Fall 2012 by Patricia Malarcher, posted on Joanne Mattera's blog:

Aric Obrosey, Untitled

James Lecce
Maureen McQuillan

The work of Maureen McQuillan and James Lecce was featured in the September, 2012 issue of Architectural Digest:

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